Banking, Insurance and Financial Services

Our Office is doing consultancy for all kinds of legal issues in banking, insurance and finance including transaction, legislation and arbitration issues to domestic and international clients. Participation banks, companies that offer financial service, intermediary firms, portfolio management firms, private equity funds, insurance companies and insurance reassurance companies are among our clients.

The processes we mostly help our clients include leveraged buyouts, processes that enable the restructure of capital structure, asset based credit processes, restructured trade, commodity and investment level financing, trade and consumer loans, bridging loan, restricting of companies, bankruptcy and loan processes. These processes mostly spread to different law spheres that includes processes that include different currencies.

Besides the designated special issues regarding their field of operations, we assist our clients in insurance and reassurance fields with capital adequacy, legal issues regarding the management of information and management systems and environmental and legal responsibility issues.

Our expert staff, which is expert in Corporate law, works regularly as external general consultants and private legal cases like arbitration solutions to banking, insurance and reassurance service companies in Turkey.

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