Business Law and Employee – Employer Relations

Our Office represented many domestic and international companies including liabilities, applications, politics and agreements of the business law and employee – employer relation issues. Our office is serving solutions to conflicts arising from business law via confers, cases and agreements.

Besides, our Office is experienced in giving consultancy, research and handling service to the outcomes of particular acts of the employers according to the civil and penal laws. Our Office’s issues are mainly on matters including the analyse of business law and employment matters, the confer of the related agreement provisions and the termination of the employer takeover agreements coming across during merging, takeover and divisions arising from business.

In this scope and more generally, our Office has important experience on issues such as not competing with the service agreements signed between top executives and companies and the preparation of secret agreements and other similar preventative agreements on employment. Our Office is, also, giving service to foreigner workers and their families, who are having great importance to our international clients, in the scope of completing all kinds of required formalities for them to their employment in Turkey such as taking work authorizations and residence permits, giving consultancy about social insurance, tax regulations and other legislations and applications for their employment in Turkey.

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