Execution and Bankruptcy Law

Our office provides advocacy and consultancy services for the collection of debts in Turkey to Turkish and foreign individuals and companies and natural entities. For this, our main goal is to have our clients get their collections as efficiently and as cheaply possible. In this regards, we provide the following services:

  • Execution Proceedings Via General Tax Lien
  • Execution Proceedings Via Liquidation of Mortgages
  • Starting Execution Proceedings Via Lien to Commercial Bills
  • Applications Regarding to Get Provisional Lien and Injunction
  • Lawsuits Regarding the Cancellation of Pursuance, Payment Order and Lien Order
  • Lien Lawsuits
  • Negative Declaratory Lawsuits
  • Bankruptcy Lawsuits and Execution Proceedings Via Bankruptcy
  • Applications for the Delay of Bankruptcy for Commercial Companies
  • Foreclosure Lawsuits (Commitment Violation, Alimony, Reduction of Assets, Rejection of Bankruptcy, etc.)

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