International Commercial Law and Economic Sanctions

The general function of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and international commercial law is to decrease the obstacles of trade and provide the most probable free of problems, predictable and free flowing trade. The international trade and economic sanctions contain a labyrinth together with complicated regulations, procedures, exceptions and clash of interests.

Our Office is proividing consultancy service to our clients about all kinds of issues concerning import/export. Our consultancy includes the access to the market arising from the WTO agreements, commercial solutions, export controls and commercial politics. We regularly lead to our clients’ import/export regulation issues about their own reusing, renovated and seriously regulated products.

We are giving advice to our clients about the alternative solution ways to the conflicts and procedures managed by the WTO. There are complainants, defendants and third parties about the issues among our clients. We are giving support to the understanding of the related commercial regulations, the supervision of the constituency to the legislation and the developing practical strategies to solve the commercial problems before occurring. In this scope, we are also giving support to our clients being observed in the anti – damping and additional financial liabilities of the Ministry of Economy.

Our Office is, also, active in the administrative processes for the improving and change of the legal regulations by sending their views frequently to the General Directorate of Customs.

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