Mergers, Takeovers and Corporate Restructuring

One of the most important expertise fields of our office is mergers, takeovers and corporate restructurings.. We also provide consultancy services to international clients for block share purchases from public and private Turkish companies.

These services contain important and detailed legal analyses (due diligence), the creation of reconstruction models, the preparation and confer of the share purchase and shareholders’ agreements, the finalization of the required applications to the related offices and councils. Our office represented many Turkish and foreign companies by strategic investments requiring detailed analyze, revision and restructure of the active and passives.

Within this scope, corporate restructure giving legal and strategic consultancy in each phase of merging and takeover, the carrying out by making official applications, agreement bases or framework agreement, share takeover agreement, shareholders’ agreement, credit agreements, the confer and preparation of the agreements done with the financial corporations and independent audit firms can be counted within the services our Office gives.

During these services, we gave service to several local and foreign companies spread to a wide variety.

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