Av. Yiğit Yıldız


He graduated from İstanbul University Faculty of Law in 2010. He attendedCommercial Law lessons in several universities of France undergraduate. He represented İstanbul University Faculty of Law in Fictitious Case competitions in several universities of France.


He attended many national and international seminars on Commercial Law .


He is the founder and managing partner of Neziroğlu Law Firm. He is specialized in Corporate and Legal affairs, especially commercial law, execution and bankruptcy law, merging and takeover, investments (due diligence, investment agreements, shareholding agreements), company law and arbitration disputes.


He still represents many domestic and international clients in managing, commercial and arbitrationases. He, also, signed partnership agreements with law offices in 30 several countries as the International Law Coordinator of the Businessmen Foundation (MÜSİAD) where he is affiliated.



| Languages |


>> Turkish, English, French, Russian



| Memberships|


Independent Businessmen Foundation (MÜSİAD), Foreign Organization Commission Vice President


Association Suisse d l’Arbitrage





| Publications|


Disruptions in Dubt cheque applications in our country


The effect of the usage of data matrix code system on cheque applications


Turning Istanbul into an Arbitration center


The unknowns of the presidency system


Can be the presidency system successful in Turkey?




Our law office is serving to Turkish and foreign commercial companies operating nationally and internationally with 9 lawyers in the head office and 85 lawyers all over the world.

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